DISTILLER Bottle Column: October 2021

Published October 31, 2021 at Distiller Magazine, my bottle column covers trends and reviews international spirits and RTDs, with taste ratings (last month’s column here):

— The Producer Mezcal (Oaxaca, Mexico)
Highland Park Cask Strength (Orkney, Scotland)
Luxardo Maraschino Perla Dry (Torreglia, Italy)
Tequila Fortaleza Reposado Winter Blend 2021 (Tequila, Mexico)
Scapegrace Black Gin (New Zealand)
1220 Origin Gin (St. Louis, MO)
Kikori Japanese Whisky (Kyushu, Japan)
Hope Town Vodka & Lime (Charleston, South Carolina)
Misunderstood Ginger Spiced Whiskey (Kentucky)

RTDs (Ready-to-Drink/Canned Drinks):
Sincere Cider (Napa, CA)
Soku Soju-Based Seltzer (NYC, New York)
St. Hildie’s Botonica Spiked Tincture Tonics (Mill Valley/Marin, CA)