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Chefs & Restaurants Transforming Fine Dining Across the U.S. Now

My VOICES Magazine interview (London publication) with Junghyun and Ellia Park of 2 Michelin-starred, #8 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Atomix in NYC and with chef Peter Hemsley of 1 Michelin starred and Green Michelin-starred Aphotic in San Francisco… talking about the state of fine dining in the U.S. now, where it’s going and how they’re visioning it differently.

In addition, talking examples across the U.S. in San Francisco (Merchant Roots, Osito, Noodle in a Haystack), Chicago (El Ideas, Parachute), New Orleans’ (Mosquito Supper Club, Lengua Madre) and my birthplace of Oklahoma City (Nonesuch, Grey Sweater). Read more →

Las Vegas Dining Guide: 15 Places to Eat Now from Upscale to Casual + Where to Stay

While many seek the bustle, party, slots and commercial lights of Vegas, I’ve never been such a person. The nearly-gone Rat Pack, old school, kitschy-glitz Vegas is much more my scene, growing up a jazz and old movie lover as a kid in the 1980s and 1990s. I don’t find much of that anymore (see Golden Steer below), even as I saw glimpses of it during my first visit to Vegas in the 1990s before the Flamingo and other great pieces of history changed their look dramatically.

Despite the exhaustion I feel even after one day of Vegas’ heat, crowds and partying, even since my 20s, there are gems worth seeking out. Here are 15 places to eat, from high to low, upscale to fast casual — and three hotels with different strengths. Read more →