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From Louisiana to Jordan, Turntable at Lord Stanley Showcases Global Chefs in SF

In September 2021, I wrote here about the pandemic evolution of Michelin-starred Lord Stanley into Turntable at Lord Stanley, an exciting residency for chefs from around the globe and the U.S. to showcase their beloved menus, concepts they’re working on or other collaborations with the tight and consummate Lord Stanley team. Returning this August 2022, I experienced chef Melissa M. Martin’s cooking from New Orleans’ lauded Mosquito Supper Club: Read more →

We Are Losing So Much More Than Business: What Makes America Great?

The color drained from the world. That’s how I felt as the pandemic hit and independent restaurants, bars, food and drink purveyors were forced to shutter overnight. Millions are (still) unemployed in a $1 trillion industry that’s the U.S.’ largest private sector job provider. Many already can’t afford to come back (closure estimates range up to 85% from industry experts across the nation and in this recent detailed report). But we’re losing much more than jobs. We’re losing culture it has taken decades to build. A “secret” American strength. I’ll explain.

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Europe’s Biggest Cocktail Convention in NYC: Bar Convent Brooklyn in its Second Year

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