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Dining in LIMA, PERU

Peruvian cuisine first captivated me over a decade ago. As with many, ceviche was the starting point, but it was raw, sashimi-esque tiradito, fish doused in bright lime or passion fruit, that hooked me. I drew parallels to Japanese sushi with South American spirit. San Francisco has long had strong Peruvian ties, from being the first place in the US… Read more →

Talking Sustainable Seafood with Peru’s GASTON ACURIO

There’s not enough knowledge around sustainable fish… just ask anyone who knows anything about it. The majority of Americans eat whatever is on a menu with little to regard to where it’s sourced, its health properties (or lack thereof), unaware if the creature they are eating is endangered. I was privileged to attend a recent intimate round-table discussion with Peru’s… Read more →