February 15, 2022

“You will set out in fear. You will set out in dream. But you will set out by that other road that lies in shadow and in dark. We cannot show you the route that will take you home; that way is yours and will be found in the walking.” — Blessing of the Magi by Jan Richardson

Dear friends ~

Automat’s spicy beet larb salad

I set off in a couple days to Peru, where back in 2013 I dug deep in food, bars and making pisco — from picking grapes, to stomping them by foot, to distilling — in Ica and Lima. It is a gift to return to a country and culture I so love and dig even deeper, as its dining scene has become world-renowned. I’ll visit (and revisit) restaurants and chefs that have made global impact and dig into cocktail bars, too. Stay tuned for more on these adventures (and a few updates via social media while on the ground).

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Good Good Culture Club’s Home by the Sea cocktail

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Cheers, Virginia