Hed VeryThai: Rare Isaan Thai Platters Hidden Off A FiDi Alley

Published May 1, 2023, in my Medium column:

Hed (Isaan for ‘to make’ in an authentic way) VeryThai just opened late January 2023 hidden in a downtown Financial District alley off Kearny Street, focused on Isaan Northeastern Thai cuisine. But unlike many in town serving dishes from that region, Hed VeryThai serves food in khao gaeng style. While that broadly translates to curry over rice, it’s a platter of mini-bowls of complementary dishes, playing off contrasting flavors and textures.

ARTICLE HERE: https://medium.com/@virginiamiller_29308/hed-verythai-rare-isaan-thai-platters-hidden-off-a-fidi-alley-863458fe4824

Hed VeryThai shrimp set
Hed VeryThai pork sausage