May Eats Checklist: 6 Food Standouts of the Month, from Greek to Banh Mi 

Estiatorio Ornos’ God of Olympus cocktail poured by Jose Luis Merino Calderon

Published May 26, 2023, in my Medium column:

These newcomers or new menus cover the gamut, from elevated Greek food to Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches.

Alongside this month’s full restaurant reviews — Popi’s Oysterette (all-day oyster bar/seafood), Mattina (Cal-Italian all-day cafe and restaurant), Back to Back (pizza, natural wines, creative small plates), Xica (modern Mexican), Hed VeryThai (Thai) — these six are also worth visiting, with last month’s standouts here.

As always, I’ve personally vetted, visited or ordered from each place reviewed:


Reviewed in this article:
Greek Feast: Estiatorio Ornos
Fermented Japanese Foods Haven: Aedan Koji Kitchen
Vietnamese Sandwich Perfection: Banh Mi Crunch
Modern Filipino Delights: Abaca
Spring Blooming from Pizza to Pasta: Fiorella Sunset
East Bay Farm-to-Table Treasure: Juanita & Maude, Albany

Estiatorio Ornos’ lamb hummus
Abaca’s caviar chicharrons in ube mousse
Aedan Koji Kitchen’s bento boxes
Juanita & Maude baked Alaska