Kappou Gomi: One of SF’s Best Japanese Restaurants


5524 Geary Boulevard (between 19th & 20th Avenues)
San Francisco, CA  94121

Since opening in the Spring, Kappou Gomi has become, hands down, my favorite non-sushi Japanese restaurant in SF. I included it in Top Ten New Openings of the Year (so far) in the SF Guardian’s FEAST issue last week. Note the sign in their window stating they don’t serve bento boxes or sushi… they do serve an endless array of gorgeous Japanese small plates from a menu grouped by fish, meat or veggie type. Though servers speak minimal English, I’m thus far not disappointed in any dish I’ve tried here. From a pork belly special to butter-grilled scallops, I “ooh” and “aaahhh” through the meal. And it’s a fraction of the price of deliciously expensive meals like Kaygetsu in Menlo Park…

A truly divine, velvety Pork Belly special with addictive broth

A truly divine, velvety pork belly special with addictive broth

Saba (mackarel) Sashimi ($10)

Saba (mackerel) sashimi ($10) – silky, bright

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I ordered 3 rounds of unforgettable Butter-Grilled Scallops ($7)

I ordered 3 rounds of unforgettable butter-grilled scallops ($7)

Truly stunning "Tempura" shrimp & veggies fried in nuts ($7)

Truly stunning “tempura” shrimp & veggies fried in nuts ($7)

Stunning veggie dish

Veggies take on a whole new beauty

Miso-grilled Black Cod ($8)

Miso-grilled black cod ($8)