St. George’s New Nola Coffee Liqueur

St George Coffee 2- Virginia Miller

I adore New Orleans. I adore coffee. And I adore St. George Spirits. So I was (naturally) pleased to hear St. George was releasing Nola Coffee Liqueur. On its way to stores and bars as we “speak”, this new coffee liqueur starts local with cold-brewed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans roasted by Jewel Box Coffee Roasters, an up-and-comer in Oakland, just reaching funding for their business via Kickstarter.

St George Coffee - Virginia MillerSt. George distiller Dave Smith cold-brews the coffee with their vodka base, adds distilled French chicory root, Madagascar vanilla and organic cane sugar. It’s like fresh, bracing, cold-brewed coffee… meaning it’s beautiful neat, on ice. The liqueur is earthy and rich, with a whisper of sweet vanilla, and that New Orleans spirit from the chicory.

I’ll take it neat but it’s also a winner with cream. Sipping it on ice transports me straight back to the hot, sultry streets of Nola where I down chicory iced coffee as if it were water – and it’s nearly as thirst-quenching. Though I haven’t had a chance to experiment with it in cocktails yet, it begs for new cocktail recipes to showcase it, while it would immediately upgrade any “guilty pleasure” Kahlua-type cocktail (Mudslides or White Russians, anyone?)
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The label is gorgeous, in keeping with the style of the labels and bottle shape of St. George’s gins and agricole rum, with nods to New Orleans: hints of purple, a drawing of St. Louis Cathedral and the ubiquitous symbol of the city, the fleur de lys. There’s also a tie in with California and their Dry Rye Gin: just as the Dry Rye sports a martini glass in a bear trap (California’s state animal being the grizzly bear), the Nola bottle shows a coffee cup and spoon in a bear trap as Louisiana’s is a black bear. New Orleans is the city where Smith fell in love with his wife, and as a tribute to her, the liqueur carries heart and soul behind its robust, balanced flavor.

Quoting the label – and New Orleanians: “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” (Let the good times roll!)