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The World’s Most Expensive Coffee — Exploring Panama Geisha Coffee Plantations

Published at BaseNotes by Vitruvi in September 2019, my article on the vibrant, rare coffee plantations of Panama. Beyond 2020, La Cosecha will begin offering coffee plantation tours around the mountains of Panama. Jorge Chanis formed La Cosecha to educate on Panama’s coffee riches, hosting press and trade tours around the region, which they plan to eventually launch for the… Read more →

My Memphis Food & Drink Guide

I helped write a number of guides for Google Area 120’s new Touringbird guides with insider tips on cities around the world (more on Touringbird here). Of course, my tips are heavy on dining, food, bars, drink. Here is my guide to Memphis and top food, BBQ and coffee recommends at City & State coffee, my “secret” Memphis barbecue dish you don’t know about at… Read more →