The Year-in-Review, 5 New Openings, Healthy Eats, An Oakland Revamp, Napa Newcomer & More

Game Restaurant, new on Nob Hill in the legendary Masa's space

Game Restaurant, new on Nob Hill in the legendary Masa’s space

From my many articles a week as Zagat Editor, I summarize and link to some coverage highlights here – you can follow along on Twitter @ZagatSF, where I post daily, or on my own @ThePerfectSpot via Twitter or Facebook.

Special Features & Year-in-Review

Interview with the owners of Kokkari, SF’s #1 Zagat-rated restaurant

Bay Area Holiday Dining Survival Guide

SF’s 5 Hottest Dining Neighborhoods of 2014

2014 Bay Area Food & Drink Trends

New SF Openings

$10 Lunch: healthy and packed with flavor – lunch at the new Picnic on Third in SoMa

5 things to try at the Marina’s new Seed + Salt – all of it vegan and gluten free

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Ideal neighborhood market Bom Dia opens in Noe Valley

Hottest new pizza openings of the year


Picnic on Third - new, healthy, gratifying in SoMa

Picnic on Third – new, healthy, gratifying in SoMa

Underrated & Established Spots

4 things to know about the new chef and menu at Gitane

RN74 from a vegetarian perspective – an array of creative new vegetarian dishes

Oliveto’s innovative new sound system addresses noisy dining

Wine Country

Napa Valley newcomer: what to love at Archetype in St. Helena