6 Top Austin Coffee Shops

Houndstooth's iced Coffee Juleps

Houndstooth’s iced coffee Juleps

Last issue we talked Dallas and its many food and drink surprises these days… This issue I dig deep in Austin — food (restaurants, tacos, BBQ, ice cream) and cocktails/bars. All that intense research, part of a two week road trip across the state, means I required morning fuel for days of tasting and exploring. Here are the six Austin coffee spots that kept me going.


Cuvee Coffee

Cuvee Coffee

The first name that came up every single time I asked locals and food/drink industry folk their favorite coffee shop: Austin-based Houndstooth Coffee. It was became a favorite of mine in Austin and in Dallas (they only have two Austin and one Dallas location) with its cool design, expert espresso drinks and refreshing iced coffee Juleps.

Cuvee Coffee

My other Austin fave is funky-cool Cuvee Coffee, a model in sustainable practices, with classes and a bracing “Black and Blue” nitrogen cold brew on draft, also conveniently sold by the can. Their hot coffee/espresso drinks are excellent as well but the cold brew soothes in the grueling Texas heat.

Wright Bros. Brew & Brew

Wright Bros. Brew & Brew is a special place. A coffee shop with quality, third wave coffee, it’s also a craft beer bar with 38 drafts and Kerlin BBQ’s wonderful kolaches (more on that here).
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Vintage Heart

Wright Bros.

Wright Bros.

Serving fair trade coffee from local Third Coast Coffee, two room Vintage Heart was maybe my favorite space for drinking coffee in Austin: intimate and charming in clean whites and woods (plus free wifi and a couch on which to linger with a book and a cappuccino). The coffee is quite good, too.

Figure 8

Open mid-2014, Figure 8 is the quintessential hipster coffee hangout, where most customers are attractive 20-somethings, while a DJ (who looks like he just rolled out of bed) spins vinyl. This could almost border on annoying but they serve quality coffee like local Tweed Coffee Roasters from Houndstooth, Coava from Portland and Four Barrel from my hometown of SF so it’s a worthwhile stop for coffee fanatics.

Texas Coffee Traders

Texas Coffee Traders looks old school (read: not third wave) but pours a lively cold brew coffee in a huge warehouse and roasting space, selling a range of coffee appliances and gadgets, backed by a large patio lined with vintage lawn furniture for lingering.

Texas Coffee Roasters' patio

Texas Coffee Roasters’ patio