March 15, 2016

“[The mystic’s] attention to life has changed its character, sharpened its focus: and as a result they see, some a wider landscape, some a more brilliant, more significant, more detailed world than that which is apparent to the less observant vision of common sense. ” — Practical Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill

I’m back from a wonderful two weeks in Boston and Philadelphia to the ushering in of an already gorgeous Spring. At Table8, we just launched Dallas this week, fresh off the heels of New Orleans — with Houston next. As with all of our 11 cities so far, you can make reservations from my initial lists of hand-selected, recommended restaurants in each city, with many more restaurants — and cities — to come.

Dragon Beaux xiao long bao

Dragon Beaux xiao long bao

Stay tuned for our national Table8 blog, launching this spring. I will be covering the Bay Area and am the editor over & currently selecting writers in other cities.

This issue:

Top Tastes10 New February Openings: Which ones are most worth visiting… and why.
Top TastesTop 5 Bay Area Dishes, February Edition: Outside of new openings, here are the dishes wowing, from SF to Oakland.
Top Tastes RN74 Revived: Why RN74’s new chef is breathing life into the longtime wine destination.

As your personal concierge who tells it like a good friend would, I also create personalized itineraries: trips, meals, explorations (under “Services“).


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