May 1, 2017

There is a propensity within all things to move in relationship, even though we may choose to deny that predisposition or be untrue to it. The law of gravitation expresses it. At some level every atom in the universe seeks to remain in relationship with every other atom…” The Rebirthing of God by John Philip Newell

The goose that ruled Chicago… sights from an afternoon stroll over the Chicago River

I have been in Chicago for another memorable James Beard Awards on May 1st (this year’s winners here) and more Chicago research.

Despite the abysmal weather, I packed in over 25 restaurants and bars this week, gaining some new all-time favorites in a city I’ve scoured over the years (past recommends here).

Lately at, I feature pro tips on drinking gin and the top new drinks at bars around the country for May.

Here are new features in my regular outlets: Table8,, Drinkwire articles on bars & drink around the world, Food Republic and Where Magazine.

This issue:

The restorative glories of Hana on Maui

ImbiberTop 11 National Cocktails of the Month: From Oklahoma City to Kansas City, Napa to SF, here is what’s standing out at bars nationwide now.
Wandering Traveler Memphis Love: Don’t worry, I talk BBQ. But I also have a few other key favorites to share with you in this special Southern city alive with music and ‘que.
Wandering TravelerHotel of the Month: One of the most restorative, restful towns, settings and resorts in the world is found on the remote side of Maui.
Wandering TravelerWhere to Eat in Hana, Maui: On this removed side of Maui, it’s mostly about food trucks — but also a chocolate plantation and an organic farm growing fruits you’ve never heard of.

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