DISTILLER Bottle Column: June 2021

Published July 2021 at Distiller Magazine, my bottle column covers trends and reviews international spirits, with taste ratings (last month’s column here):

Heirloom Liqueurs Pineapple Amaro (Minneapolis, MN)
Rhum Barbancourt 15 years Haiti (Haiti)
Alfred Giraud French Malt Whisky (France)
Siete Misterios Doba Yej (Oaxaca, Mexico)
Rampur Double Cask and Asava Single Malt (New Delhi, India)
Bayab African Grown Gin (South Africa)
Portofino Gin (Portofino, Italy)
Dry Gin XII Gin Distille En Provence (Provence, France)
Severo Tequila (Jalisco, Mexico)
Fabrizia Spirits Limoncello, Crema di Limoncello, Blood Orange Liquere (New Hampshire)

RTDs (Ready-to-Drink/Canned Drinks):
Griffo Distillery (Sonoma, CA)
Vervet (Los Angeles, CA)
Luxardo (Italy)
Dashfire (Minnetonka, MN)
The Finnish Long Drink (Finland)

Fabrizia Limoncello and RTDs
Griffo Distillery RTDs