Forget Dry January: 7 Standout Non-Alcoholic Cocktails & Wines Worth Drinking All Year

Photo Courtesy of For Bitter For Worse

I was never into the Dry January concept — or “feast or famine,” all-or-nothing habits in general. As someone who grew up in a teetotaling household, never went through a party/drinking phase and drank minimally in my 20s (because I couldn’t afford the cocktails I loved), an intense career involving daily drink has only been sustainable these past 15 years due to moderation. I have my moments of excess but slow and steady has become a lifestyle. However, I’m so steeped in tasting and judging thousands of the best annually in every drink category that I cannot have a meal without craving and thinking about drink pairings. Trying to take a couple drinking nights off a week used to be tough with nothing complex and delicious enough to fill in the gap. That is swiftly changing.

Published January 31, 2022, in my Bold Italic column, you can read the article here:


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