January Eats Checklist: 4 Standouts of the Month

Methodology home meals

Published February 4, 2023, in my The Bold Italic column:

These newcomers or new menus cover the gamut, from a nature-rich tribute to California’s majestic trees in edible form, to healthy, chic, nuanced at-home delivery food.

Alongside this month’s full restaurant reviews of these exceptional spots — Bar Sprezzatura, The Laundromat SF, Akikos, Cavallo Point’s Sula and Farley’s — these four are also worth visiting, with last month’s standouts here (as always, I’ve vetted and visited each place reviewed):

Article Here: https://medium.com/@virginiamiller_29308/january-eats-checklist-5-standouts-of-the-month-51ba97821c87

In this feature:
An Edible, A Nature-Rich Tribute to California’s Majestic Trees: Merchant Roots Great Trees Theme
Yucatecan Mexican Delights: Al Carajo
— Cozy Italian Neighborhood Newcomer: Ciccino
— At Home Meals: Methodology

Merchant Roots The Olive (Branching) course
Al Carajo cochinita pibil tacos