St. Louis Dining Guide: 13 Places to Eat & Drink Now

Published April 12, 2023, in my Medium column:

From its iconic Gateway Arch, the tallest manmade monument in the Western hemisphere, to its rich blues music history, St. Louis can be easy nationally to miss. After Kansas City, Missouri’s second-largest city sits at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. This truly Midwestern city is both gritty and blue collar as it is pushing into the 21st century with inspired food and drink industry creatives taking it into new territory.

There is plenty of mediocrity on the food front, to be sure, and some of my recommendations here come with a mixed bag or certain dishes to order over others. But over two visits in 2022, I visited over 40 STL restaurants, food stops and bars, with these 13 holding the strongest highlights. My top 10 St. Louis cocktail bars are in my Distiller Magazine article, some of which overlap with restaurants here in my food guide:


Yellowbelly’s Nashville hot chicken fried oysters
Indo’s temaki
Planter’s House red curry
Lucky Accomplice’s scallops