DISTILLER Bottle Column: December 2023

Published January 1, 2024, at Distiller Magazine, my bottle column covers trends and reviews international spirits and RTDs, with taste ratings (last month’s column here):


Reviewed this issue:
— Accompani Dry Vermouth (Portland, OR)
— Crossfire Hurricane Rum by The Rolling Stones (Caribbean)
— Jetty Wave Absinthe (Half Moon Bay, CA)
— High Rise Cannabis Seltzers 
— Jetty Wave Coastal Gin (Half Moon Bay, CA)
— Inverroche Gins (South Africa)
— Indri Dru Single Malt Indian Whisky (India)
— El Tequileño Limited Edition Extra Añejo Tequila (Jalisco, Mexico)
— WNc’nean Distillery Organic Single Malt Whisky (Scotland)
— Clyde May’s Conecuh Ridge Straight Bourbon Whiskey  (Troy, Alabama)

Photo Courtesy of El Tequileno
Photo Courtesy of Jettywave Distillery