Dim Sum Around SF

After you’ve tried the hyped, delicious, but overpriced local dim sum kings Yank Sing, Ton Kiang or Daly City’s Koi Palace, check out these much cheaper options and see if they don’t fit the bill for your dim sum craving (minus the roving carts at all three spots):

Shanghai Dumpling KingShanghai Dumpling King:
3319 Balboa Street (between 34th & 35th Avenues)
Mon, Wed-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat-Sun 10am-9pm

Yes, it’s way out in Outer Richmond with a dingy dining room. But here you’ll find Shanghai specialties done in a way you rarely see in the US. Their wontons, buns and famed steamed soup-filled dumplings (watch out as they explode in your mouth) taste so unique and homemade, you’ll have to go back for more. At $4.25 for 10 spicy wontons, 10 dumplings or 8 mini-pork buns, it’s beyond a steal.

Great EasternGreat Eastern:
649 Jackson Street (between Kearny and Grant)
Mon-Sun 10am-12am

Long a Chinatown institution so not exactly “under the radar” for Chinese locals and tourists alike, it still remains one of the best dim sum meals in San Francisco at incredibly cheap prices and is a welcome respite from mediocre Chinatown spots. Check off preferred items on a list and feed two easily for $10 (usually 3 items to each order at an average of $2-3 an order).

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736 Clement Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)
Mon, Wed-Sun 7am-6:30pm

A hole-in-the-wall with zero atmosphere or service but cheap, fresh dim sum to go. $5 will get you well more than enough dumplings, buns or rolls for one person. Usually three items to an order at about $1.50-$2.50.

6255 Geary Boulevard (at 27thAvenue)

A cheap, clean spot serving unique additions to the usual dumplings and buns, such as shrimp and banana rolls or sweet pan fried water chestnut cakes. Eat plenty for ten dollars and enjoy the relaxed (and at prime meal times, bustling) dining room.