March 2008

gin-march“The roaring of the wind is my wife and the stars through the window pane are my children…” – John Keats

Spring arrives, the rain is pouring more than usual, but green abounds in promising lushness… new things are birthed out of the longest winters.

This month in The Established, we’ll explore Dim Sum alternatives to the most popular, overpriced spots. We’ll drink gourmet local coffees in Imbiber. In Around the Bay, savor an afternoon in Half Moon Bay.

I’d love your feedback on any spots you visited from my site. You can leave comments through the site on the Perfect Spot Blog or email me directly.

My Top Tastes of the month:

  • Christopher Elbow’s Coconut Curry Dark Hot Chocolate at their brand new Hayes Valley shop
  • EVERYTHING Penny makes at Penny’s Caribbean Café; like eating Trinidadian food in her home kitchen… yet sadly, she closing, rumored to be moving back to Trinidad. What a loss!
  • Fabulous Rooster Sandwich at the Marina’s Blue Barn Gourmet
  • Polenta (savory or sweet) at the new Blue Bottle Café in Mint Plaza
  • A giant homemade pretzel and mustard at Monk’s Kettle in the Mission

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Let me guide you to the perfect spot!