Hendrick’s Gin’s Voyages Into the Unusual Event


Oddities and kitsch galore at Voyages Into the Unusual

Photos & Text by Andi Berlin

On June 20-21, San Francisco “opened its mind, unfastened its senses” and joined Hendrick’s Gin in two evenings of unusual revelry (Hendrick’s Voyages Into The Unusual). The Scottish gin company went to great lengths to create a Victorian underworld-themed party, decking out the 100-plus year old Swedish American Hall with anthropomorphic shrubbery, taxidermied animals, sideshow characters and an indoor botanical garden. When we arrived at 9 p.m., the crowd obviously had already taken full advantage of the array of “tipples” offered in each themed room. The main hall was overflowing with swagger and spillage, and everyone – even the actors – was having fun.

Bartenders prepare aquavit and fennel cocktails – a dozen at a time

This character manned the hot air balloon all night, posing for photos and juggling bowling pins

Funky tunes by the house swing band

The centerpiece: a birdman shrub











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Upstairs, the “green house” was a sanctuary of Hendrick’s herbs, flowers, spices

The yarrow plant is one of 11 botanical ingredients used during distilling

Downstairs was a cabinet of curiosities, including this picture












A mechanized cocktail machine downstairs pours the perfect negroni

One of several “tipples”: The Nom de Plume with Lillet Rose, mangosteen, strawberry

A bear waving goodbye – or doing the Thriller dance?