Top 11 National November Cocktails

As I cover cocktails and bars around the US at, I recently did a feature on 7 of the most notable new bars around the US this fall.

Covering the top 11 cocktails of the month around the US each month, you’ll find my bar and drink recommends this month at:
Roka Akor, San Francisco
Wallflower, NYC
Liberty, Seattle
Nomica, San Francisco
Mopho, New Orleans
Sushi Seki, NYC
Julep, Houston
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Parsons Chicken & Fish, Chicago
Le Boudoir, Brooklyn (NY)

Roka Akor's "Void", one of my top 11 national cocktails of the month at

Roka Akor’s “Void”, one of my top 11 national cocktails of the month at