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Bar Spotlight on Karri Kiyuna of Wildhawk

The latest in my NEFT Vodka column, which spotlights California’s best bartenders and bars — including a special cocktail recipe from each bartender featuring this Austrian alpine-distilled vodka. Why Karri Kiyuna and the team she leads at Wildhawk in San Francisco set an example in team spirit, service and exceptional cocktails here. Other NEFT Spotlights:— Nicolas (Nic) Torres of True Laurel, San… Read more →

The Rise of Vermouth

Lustau Rose Vermut (Photo courtesy of Lustau www.lustau.es)There are so many products in the market is gradually increasing. cialis side effects You can consume avocado to improve sex power and stamina. It releases hormones in your body that can obstruct the sexual stamina in both gender. The problem order levitra lies in the simplicity of even a basic hand tool… Read more →

Bar Spotlight on Nic Torres of True Laurel

The latest in my NEFT Vodka column, which spotlights California’s best bartenders and bars — including a special cocktail recipe from each bartender featuring this Austrian alpine-distilled vodka. Why True Laurel and Nicolas (Nic) Torres craft not only some of San Francisco’s best cocktails, but some of the most humbly innovative drinks in the world: www.neftvodkaus.com/spotlight/true-laurel-sf-nicolas-torres.Other NEFT Spotlights:— Karri Kiyuna of Wildhawk,… Read more →

9 Bars Serving Standout American Whiskey Cocktails Across the US

Covering 9 standout American whiskey (bourbon, rye, etc.) cocktails around the US at Liquor.com, you’ll find my top national drinks on menus at these bars/restaurants: — Chef’s Special Cocktail Bar, Chicago— Existing Conditions, New York City— CDP Bar (at Commis), Oakland, CA— Julep, Houston— The Bindery, Denver— Proof on Main (at 21C), Louisville— Bar Beau, Brooklyn (NYC)— Bird & the Bottle, Santa… Read more →

5 Hours in Heathrow: My Travelux Magazine Feature

My first print feature for Europe’s new Travelux magazine on luxury wine, spirits and travel (from Paragraph, the publishers of Whisky Magazine and Gin Magazine, which I write for every issue). This feature, it’s my guide in where to eat, drink and buy spirits in London’s Heathrow airport: http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/html5/reader/production/default.aspx?pnum=62&edid=a5630aa3-9483-4033-acb4-c066436c8e44&isshared=true – Read more →

Will Shōchū Be the Bay’s Next It Spirit? Move over, sake, there’s a new Japanese spirit in town.

My first article for the The Bold Italic, published October 8, 2019, on the next “it” spirit, Japanese sh?ch?: https://thebolditalic.com/will-sh%C5%8Dch%C5%AB-be-the-bays-next-it-spirit-8fa4fbe72f4 Sake and shochu tasting at Umami Mart, OaklandIt might be no, so in this blog we try to explain how our offers work and how Long Does it last? Erectile dysfunction treating medicine works only as the messengers are responsible… Read more →

10 Best Hidden Bars in San Francisco

My latest at Time Out on 10 top “speakeasy” or rather, hidden, bars. Article here. _____________________________________________________________________ ”Speakeasy” is a tired bar term for San Franciscans. Following NYC players like Angel’s Share and Milk & Honey, SF was the earliest in the country to jumpstart the speakeasy trend when Bourbon and Branch opened in 2006. Though the overplayed trend has taken… Read more →

10 Top Cocktails Around the US Now — August 2018

Covering the 10 hottest cocktails of the month around the US at Liquor.com, you’ll find my top national drinks now at these bars/restaurants: La Mar Cebicheria, San Francisco Mr. Lee’s, Louisville, KY Connie & Ted’s, Los Angeles Golden Teardrops, Chicago Sylvain, New Orleans Blue Duck Tavern, Washington D.C. Nico, San Francisco Lola, Louisville, KY The 404 Kitchen/Gertie’s, Nashville Bible Club,… Read more →

The 23 Essential San Francisco Bars: Spring 2018

Published at Liquor.com this Spring 2018, my regular update on 23 of San Francisco/the Bay Area’s essential, iconic bars: https://www.liquor.com/series/essential-san-francisco-bars ABV, Mission District Aub Zam Zam (aka Zam Zam), Haight-Ashbury Bellota, SoMa Benjamin Cooper, Union Square/Downtown Bourbon & Branch, Union Square/Downtown Club Deluxe, Haight-Ashbury Comstock Saloon, North Beach Elixir, Mission District Fat Angel, Lower Fillmore 15 Romolo, North Beach Hard Water, Embarcadero Hideout at… Read more →