10 Top Vancouver Bars + Interviews with R. Dave Brimacombe of Wayward Distillation House & Jay Jones of Vij’s

Tocadero, Vancouver

In the Summer 2018 issue of Distiller Magazine on Vancouver, B.C. (more on Vancouver and Canada here):

  • My article on 10 of Vancouver’s best bars linked to here: Keefer Bar, Botanist at Fairmont Pacific Rim, The Shameful Tiki Room, Vij’s, Royal Dinette, L’Abattoir, Tocador, Hawksworth & Prohibition in the Hotel Georgia, Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar, The Diamond 
  • My interview with distiller R. Dave Brimacombe of Wayward Distillation House, B.C.
  • My interview with bar manager Jay Jones of Vij’s, among my top Vancouver bars/restaurants

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My Portland and Oregon (Willamette Valley) food and drink recommends here.
Past issues (top 10 bars, local distiller and bar manager interviews in each city):



The Shameful Tiki Room

Botanist Vancouver at the Four Seasons Pacific Rim