Charmed by Santa Maria Valley

Cubanissimo Cuban Coffee
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My October 2019 print article in Oakland Magazine and Alameda Magazines, covering the original 1800s barbecue style of the west: Santa Maria barbecue, as well as wineries, bars, coffee, bakeries, cider producers and restaurants/food around California’s Santa Maria Valley from Orcutt to Los Alamos.

Article here.

My other Oakland and Alameda Magazine articles include romantic getaways in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, walkable Huntington Beach in the OC (SoCal) and going well beyond wine in the Willamette Valley with beer, spirits, ciders, mead and, yes, wine.

The OG Hitching Post in Casmalia
Jocko’s in Nipomo
Presqu’ile Winery
House charcuterie, wine & cocktails at Pico in Los Alamos
Hitching Post, Casmalia
Bodega natural wine bar in Los Alamos
Hitching Post’s Santa Maria-style barbecue steaks
Naughty Oak Brewing in Orcutt