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Charmed by Santa Maria Valley

My October 2019 print article in Oakland Magazine and Alameda Magazines, covering the original 1800s barbecue style of the west: Santa Maria barbecue, as well as wineries, bars, coffee, bakeries, cider producers and restaurants/food around California’s Santa Maria Valley from Orcutt to Los Alamos. Article here. My other Oakland and Alameda Magazine articles include romantic getaways in Beverly Hills and Santa… Read more →

Walkable OC? The New Huntington Beach in 1 Mile

My January print article in Oakland Magazine and Alameda Magazines, covering the OC but from a walkable standpoint. Yes, in a massive county of millions, Orange County’s Huntington Beach is all grown up with new and revamped hotels, restaurants, cocktails and spas, all in one walkable coastal mile, complete with SoCal sunsets and chill surfer vibe. Article here. My other Oakland… Read more →

Vintage Romance in LA: Elegant Hotels in Santa Monica & Beverly Hills + Where to Eat & Drink

My May 26th Oakland Magazine feature article ran in both June print issues of Oakland and Alameda Magazines, covering two romantic escapes in Beverly Hills and on the beach in Santa Monica as well as where to eat and drink nearby. My other Oakland and Alameda Magazine articles include going well beyond wine in the Willamette Valley with beer, spirits, ciders,… Read more →