DISTILLER Bottle Column: August 2023

Published September 1, 2023, at Distiller Magazine, my bottle column covers trends and reviews international spirits and RTDs, with taste ratings (last month’s column here).


Photo Courtesy of Beattie’s Distillers

Reviewed this issue:
— Renegade Cane Rum Pre-Cask: Lake Antoine Upper Crater Lake South (Caribbean island of Grenada)
— Brandy Sainte Louise (Cognac and Armagnac, France)
— Dos Gabachos Mezcal (Santo Domingo Albarradas, Mexico)
— Four Corners American Gin (Across the U.S.)
— AWAYUKI Japanese Strawberry Gin (Nara Prefecture, Japan)
— Calirosa Rosa Blanco & Reposado (Jalisco, Mexico)
— TEITESSA Japanese Whiskies (15, 20, 25, 27 and 30 year aged) (Japan)
— Tepache Sazon Pina y Canela (Nayarit, Mexico)
— Something & Nothing Spritzes (United Kingdom)
— Glenmorangie The Cadboll Estate 15 year Scotch (Highlands of Scotland)
— Kopke Quinta S. Luiz Vintage 2021 Port (Douro region of Portugal)
— Frey Ranch Farm Strength Uncut Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Fallon, NV)
Beattie’s Distillers Potato Vodka, Sweet Potato-Flavored Potato Vodka & Strawberry-Flavored Potato Vodka (Alliston, Ontario, Canada)

Photo Courtesy of Calirosa