June 15, 2017

“All truly wise thoughts have been thought already thousands of times; but to make them really ours we must think them over again honestly till they take root in our personal expression.” — Goethe

A Mano’s squid dish

Just returning from research in Portland and Oregon’s Willamette Valley early June, I soon head out on a quick whiskey trip to Kentucky, while I fully welcome summer here at home with an SF heat wave.

Lately at Liquor.com, I feature the best, unique vodka drinks around the US now, the top 11 new SF bars of the season and my update on the Bay Area’s 23 Essential Bars.

This issue:

The Latest Top 3 New Restaurants of the Month: A modern day luncheonette with an old school lunch counter vibe, a hip dumpling haven and a smart pasta outpost where most dishes are $15 or less.
Wandering Traveler8 Top Places to Eat Oklahoma City: Whether a Japanese small plates treasure or an unexpectedly good (for central landlocked territory) seafood restaurant, you now have choices in OKC.
Wandering Traveler8 Top Bars Now in Oklahoma City: From a roadhouse with a killer music playlist to a rooftop cocktail haven, OKC is on the rise.

As your personal concierge who tells it like a good friend would, I also create personalized itineraries: trips, meals, explorations (under “Services“).


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