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The State of Our Bar Community is Dire

Published March 22, 2020, at Distiller Magazine, I wrote this piece the week prior and much has shifted each day, including the welcome regulatory relief for the state of California from the ABC last Thursday (these are law changes that should be permanent, “relieving” archaic, impractical Prohibition-esque holdovers). More on all that later. My friend Eric Grenier of Jack Daniels is compiling… Read more →

Europe’s Biggest Cocktail Convention in NYC: Bar Convent Brooklyn in its Second Year

This is the only category brought on by solely external reasons, like switching itineraries, sleeping routine variations, and time zone shifts. People feel wonders after the prolonged use of donssite.com buy viagra cheapest this magical pill. In fact, the LCD wiring and donssite.com tadalafil tab the internal glass is protected by an extremely thin piece of tin. Aim to take… Read more →