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10 Best Pie Shops in SF & Oakland

My latest at Time Out : in time for the holidays, 13 of San Francisco’s best sources (restaurants, shops and cafes) for pie. Article here. ___________________ The holidays are an obvious time for pie. But when pies are as excellent as they are in the Bay Area — whether a standard-setting PB&J ice cream pie, savory shepherd’s pie or a… Read more →

9 Top Oakland Restaurants

In my latest Time Out column: talking 9 of Oakland’s best places to eat now. Article here. While some media have dubbed Oakland “the Brooklyn of the West” the last few years, Oakland has been a hotbed of deep cuisines and cultures — and of artistic innovation — well before Brooklyn faced its hipster renaissance of the past decade. Oakland’s rich… Read more →

Los Angeles’ Vespertine: The Most Talked About Restaurant in America in 2017

Published on January 11, 2018, at WineAccess, my restaurant review — with a drink pairing perspective included — of the most talked about restaurant in America in 2017, Los Angeles’ ambitious Vespertine: Vespertine: The Most Talked About Restaurant in America Right Now They may also develop certain other impairments such as – Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – High blood sugar can… Read more →