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NYC Guide: 12 Top Places to Dine Now

Growing up just outside NYC in NJ during my high school years, my family’s subsequent years living there a good decade after I moved back to CA meant I was usually back twice a year, including holidays in NYC. So the City always held “second home” familiarities and my first awakening to being a city girl, even as Manhattan is typically a dining city of as many lows and overhyped spots as it highs over the past decades… the majority of restaurants I researched this trip were good to superb. Now we dig into 12 dining experiences from this year’s return to my teenage stomping grounds, including highlights and, when relevant, what to avoid: Read more →

Serving Up Wanderlust: International Bars & Cocktails Inspired by Far-Away Places

My latest print feature in Gin Magazine, issue 15/September-October 2021 (from the publishers of Whisky Magazine, which I’ve written for here). This issue I cover three bartenders and global bars, featuring their cocktail recipes inspired by and evocative of another region outside their own — with recipes — in the spirit of traveling from home:

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Gin Magazine: NYC’s Top 10 Bars

My latest print feature in Gin Magazine, issue 10/Mar-May 2020 (from the publishers of Whisky Magazine, which I have also written for here). Obviously, this was written pre-pandemic so here’s wishing support and lifelines for these greats bars through it (check the websites and social media for each if you live in NYC to see if they’re doing home delivery or takeout).… Read more →

10 Bars Serving Standout Rum Cocktails Across the US

Covering 10 standout rum cocktails around the US at Liquor.com, you’ll find my top national drinks on menus at these bars/restaurants: — Seaworthy, New Orleans— Elements at ONE65, San Francisco— The Hidden Pearl, New York City (Brooklyn)— Mercantile, Denver— Tigertail + Mary, Miami— Naive, Louisville— Corrida, Boulder— Charmaine’s, San Francisco— Katana Kitten, New York City— Bad Hunter, Chicago Corrida, Boulder, CO Men suffering from erectile… Read more →