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Interviewing Brandon Jew of Mister Jiu’s & Talking SF Chinatown — at KCET Los Angeles

Published November 28, 2018, in conjunction with a TV episode on the same subject, my article for KCET in Los Angeles on San Francisco’s historic Chinatown, legend Cecilia Chang, Mister Jiu’s and chef Brandon Jew, China Live, The Wok Shop, America’s first Chinatown’s past, present and future: www.kcet.org/shows/the-migrant-kitchen/the-ever-shifting-future-and-flavor-of-san-franciscos-chinatown Read more →

Chinatown’s Eight Tables — Chinese Fine Dining Like Nowhere In the Country

With more 3 Michelin-starred restaurants than New York City (a city with 10 times the population and nearly 7 times the size), San Francisco has been a giant and a pioneer in food and drink for decades, excelling in every sub-category beyond cities many times their size and jumpstarting farm-to-table, wine, craft beer and spirits movements literally decades ago. The… Read more →