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Top 10 Ramen Shops in San Francisco

In my latest Time Out column: Ramen has trended just about everywhere by this point but with our longstanding Japanese population and roots, it has been a local staple for years. While many of our top ramen shops are all over the Bay Area, here are 10 of the best in SF proper. Orenchi Beyond, MissionIzakaya Sozai, Inner SunsetIza Ramen —… Read more →

3 Upscale New Japanese Izakayas

In my latest Time Out column, izakayas are casual Japanese pubs, gathering places for bites and drinks — and we’ve seen a ton of them open in the Bay Area for well over a decade. But the latest rush of izakayas goes a bit more upscale: still good drinking spots but with elevated food and decor (article here). — Shinmai, Oakland… Read more →