June 1, 2012

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”
Flora Whittemore

Literally just back from Portland and Mexico, I’m warmed by the sun (at the latter location) and the joy of travel and friendship, now returning to mountains of work and deadlines.

Victoriana in the form of a new gourmet market/old fashioned mercantile on Haight Street

In between trips, I was delighted to stumble across a brand new market on opening day, a mere block away from home. This one had my name written all over it: an old fashioned food mercantile with Victorian wallpaper and couches, 1930’s jazz on the radio, and rare gourmet products from a gracious husband/wife team behind Buyer’s Best Friend, a specialty food wholesaler based out of the Haight. They hand pick a wide range of items, selling some of their favorites in a shop they’ve named Buyer’s Best Friend Wholesale & Mercantile. Check it out (P.S. it’s one of the rare sources to sell Stumptown coffee beans).

Top TastesSeafood TreasuresTwo seafood restaurants (one new, one established) offer treasures from delicate uni to grilled branzino.

ImbiberNew Cocktails to Drink Now: Explore South of the Border cocktails and food pairings at two new spots in Berkeley and Sausalito, plus three SF cocktail and food companions from new menus.

The LatestNamu Gaji: Invigorating Korean (and then some) food at the Lee brothers new Namu incarnation, Namu Gaji.

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On the Town Skates on the Bay: Welcome my new intern, Andi Berlin, as she visits the revamped Skates on the Bay in Berkeley for an opening party complete with oysters and sunset views of SF.

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**Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Virginia Miller**