November 15, 2012

“Crackling is the voice of the thunder,
Crackling within the shining black cloud,
Broken are the mountain springs below,
The god returns and dwells in the clefts;

The god returns and dwells in obscurity…”
Fornander’s Collection of Hawaiian Antiquities and Folklore

The idyllic grounds of Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

Just back from ten amazing days in Hawaii (articles and recommendations forthcoming), and now off to Flavor! Napa, I’m anticipating the arrival of family next week for Thanksgiving and the coziness of the holidays. Recalling a recent visit with the lovely Diestel family at Diestel Family Turkey Ranch near Yosemite, I will enjoy my Thanksgiving turkey all the more this year knowing it came from those peaceful, spacious grounds where I was able to witness firsthand the natural feed and growth process their turkeys experience and the hands-on care from the family and staff.

Happy turkeys at Diestel Ranch

Top TastesSeafood: Two restaurants, Dante’s Weird Fish and Georges, have new chefs and menus, improved from early visits.

ImbiberRum Tales: Exploring rum with a primer on categories and styles, and best rum cocktails of the year.

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Wandering TravelerChicago Restaurants: After exploring the latest cocktail havens last issue, I recap a long list of food highlights and adventures in Chicago during recent travels.

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