5 New SF Openings, Weekends in Napa, Pasta Menu in Oakland, Healthy Eating Spots for the New Year & More

Branzino at Bobo's Lounge

Branzino at Bobo’s Lounge

From my many articles a week as Zagat Editor, I summarize and link to some coverage highlights here – you can follow along on Twitter @ZagatSF, where I post daily, or on my own @ThePerfectSpot via Twitter or Facebook.

New SF Openings

Californios & Chef Val Cantu’s Creative, Mexican-Influenced Tasting Menus

Hot Dish: Chris Cosentino’s “Ham” Burger at the new Cockscomb

3 New Ramen Shops to Try

2015’s Most Anticipated New Openings


Californios' vegetable course

Californios’ vegetable course

Underrated & Established Spots

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7 Top Spots for Healthy Eating Now

Hot Dish: Lamb Belly at Scandinavian Destination, Plaj

Unsung Heroes: Flying Fish Bar & Grill in Half Moon Bay for fish tacos & garlic cheesy bread

Wine Country

Weekending in Yountville: Where to eat, drink, massage, go ballooning or bike riding

3 Dishes to try at St. Helena’s Brand New Cook Tavern

A notable new bakery and lunch take-out spot in St. Helena

East Bay

Exploring Desco’s House Pasta Menu – 3 Standouts