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Gin Magazine — Tokyo’s Top 10 Bars

My latest print feature in Gin Magazine (from the publishers of Whisky Magazine, which I have also written for here) is on 10 top Tokyo bars: Bar Benfiddich, Bar Gen Yamamoto, The Flying Circus, Code Name Mixology Aksaka, Red Bar, Good Meals Shop, Bar Triad, Cocktail Works Jimbocho, Mixology Laboratory, Y&M Kisling. Past issues of Gin Magazine: — My San Francisco bars article here— My Berlin bars… Read more →

The Best of 2015 in Restaurants, Bars, Hotels & Travel

My editorial best of the year picks were published at Food Republic over December 2015 and January 2016 in a series of articles covering the best in US and international travels, hotels, meals and drink — here is a link to each article I contributed to and my favorites summarized below: –  Best Drinking Experiences, International–  Best Drinking Experiences, West… Read more →

Top 6 Tokyo Meals

Tokyo: not since Rome, my favorite international city outside the US, has a city captured me so wholly, immediately and fully. To arrive the first night was to plot, with the Renaissance Man, when we could return. Japan is a game changer, even for the seasoned traveler. More difficult and closed to outsiders — especially for a city with the… Read more →

Wandering Traveler: Edible Kyoto

Where Tokyo is expanse, towers, lights and endless depth, Kyoto is the stillness of gardens and temples bearing a silence unlike anywhere else, encompassing and lush. It’s the charm of an ancient village, shockingly intact, yet with the offerings or range of a mid-size city. Amsterdam meets Japan in Kyoto’s canals (particularly magical at night) and its temples, gardens and… Read more →

12 Tokyo Bars For Exceptional Cocktails & Shockingly Rare Whisky

This article I wrote for Food Republic, originally published on February 18, 2015. The article and all photos below are all by Virginia Miller. I also wrote extensively about a range of Japanese whiskies, bars and distilleries in a print feature article in the December 2014 issue of Whisky Magazine UK. You might have heard about the hand-carved ice. Suited… Read more →

Whisky Mag UK Feature: Japan’s Distilleries (Past & Present) & Top Whisky Bars

In December 2014, I wrote this print feature, with Whisky Magazine UK entitled The Orient Expression, on Japan’s distilleries, past and present, and its top whisky bars following my research trip in Japan. Cock rings fit in excess of the recommended dose or duration of the cycle. cialis for sale canada cialis pill online Therefore visit your consultant before consuming… Read more →