As Restaurants & Bars Struggle, Bay Area Chefs & Bartenders Create a New Wave of Food Businesses

In my latest article for The Bold Italic, published August 4, 2020 (all Bold Italic articles here):

Ichido at home with Sequoia Sake

Dining rooms are out. Pancake pop-ups, breakfast in bed, and meal kits are in. I cover chefs, bar managers, food and drink industry who are creatively experimenting with other revenue streams and projects outside of restaurants and bars:

Robert Dorsey: Meal kits, curbside meals, community aid
Hilda & Jesse: Pancake pop-ups, breakfast in bed, and dining for Democracy
Geoffrey Reed: Ichido ToGo,
a collab between fishermen, sake brewers (Sequoia Sake) and a chef
Chef Melissa King:
Multiple projects sans brick and mortar
PCH (Pacific Cocktail Haven) & Pinoy Heritage
: Filipino feast — with cocktails
Italy-worthy pasta chefs craft pasta at home: “SF Nonna” Christine @sfnonna, Nardello’s Fresh Pasta, Tango With Chef
SingleThread: Taking the restaurant on the road and partnering with a nonprofit to feed families in need
Elixir’s H. Joseph Ehrmann: Multiplying the bar business (Fresh Victor, etc.)
Arepas en Bici: Victor Aguilera’s family arepas recipes from home and giving back to the neighborhood
Dabao, Local Kitchen, and more: SF’s Singaporean renaissance, Breadbelly, S+M Vegan, Gai Chicken Rice, Local Kitchen, Dabao, Makan Place

Breadbelly’s kaya toast


SingleThread appetizers on rooftop