Where to eat with your family in San Francisco

Published August 22, 2023, in my Medium column:

Whether you’re going out with your own kids, friends with kids or taking out local niece and nephews as I do, you don’t want to compromise what you eat. And you shouldn’t ever have to in San Francisco.

There is no end to the wealth of food education one can casually participate in with children while eating heartwarming, fun meals. Covering a range of cuisines from Korean to Cajun — across neighborhoods — here are eight places you may not initially think of as kid-friendly:

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Mamahuhu sweet & sour cauliflower

Reviewed in this article:

Gourmet Chinese-American: Mamahuhu, Noe Valley, Mill Valley and Inner Richmond
Red Sauce, Old School American Italian: Gaspare’s, Inner Richmond
Games & Waffles: The Game Parlour, Inner Sunset
California Cajun: Gumbo Social, Bayview  
Chicken Boxes: Yeo’s Electric Chicken and Rice, FiDi
All-Day Breakfast: Peacock Pansy, Hayes Valley
Large-Portioned Korean: Sonamu, Outer Richmond
Modern Dim Sum: Village Tea House, SoMa

Yeo’s Electric Chicken and Rice chicken salad
The Game Parlour waffle pastrami sando