Now that Indoor Dining is Back, Here’s How To Break Bread Inside… Safely

My dining column at print and online magazine, Bob Cut — my column details and philosophy here — covers standout restaurants each month in every cuisine category and price range. This month’s top 10 restaurants here.

Published October 5, 2020, at Bob Cut magazine is my checklist on just reopened (September 30) indoor dining, how you can stay safe and keep hospitality industry workers safe while dining out.

I also talk of SF’s laxity with big business and retail over small business and independent restaurants (please pay attention to this when you vote locally for supervisors (!!) and mayor, the latter who chose SF Health Department leadership who is also putting the breaks on independent restaurants and bars; note who merely gives lip service and who actually supports small business — which sadly leaves out most of City Hall).

Small business support FIRST is crucial not just for jobs — restaurants being the biggest private sector employer in the nation — but to our character, color, history and quality as a city & region that has pioneered most food and drink movements in the U.S. and world. Here’s what we stand to lose if we let this industry die, as it is now.

My safety checklist highlights how you can help restaurants stay open and move to 50% capacity, which our city’s low COVID-19 numbers already qualifies for per California’s color coded health standards:

State Bird Provisions/The Progress sidewalk dining

Sorrel’s magical sidewalk dining


Terrace at Palette’s soothing parklet