March 2009

march-gin“Three hundred small pleasures make people happier than one magnificent one.” – Daniel Gilbert, Harvard Professor

I have to let you know of some important changes this month… ones I’m excited to share with you.

First, I just started writing a weekly online food/drink column for the San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper – subscribe to it by RSS feed or bookmark the page for my weekly updates on restaurant and bar openings, events, cookbook signings, great deals and fun food news in the Bay Area. You can read my column from the Food & Dining page or the Arts and Culture blog.

Secondly, I’m launching a revamped, updated website (thanks to Mr. Daniel Stumpf) which should be easier for searching through past issues or by key words (e.g. cities, food types, neighborhoods, restaurants names, etc…) Let me know what you think!

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Every month, I share Top Tastes, favorite new dishes, drinks and bites from my culinary explorations. The Established features the ultimate dive bar/BBQ/Sausage joint, Broken Record. In Imbiber, we hit Retro Bars, Part TwoWandering Traveler ventures into five cool Los Angeles finds from gelato to coffee to Jewish deli.

I’d love your feedback on any spots you visited from my site… don’t forget, I can help you with trips, outings or explorations by creating personalized itineraries, whether for an evening, a day or a whole vacation (check out my “Services” page).

Let me guide you to the perfect spot!