August 1, 2015

“Now in the city there are two worlds. One world has walls around it and one world has people around it. The second world is outside, with the late-winter sky and the bare trees and the hard pavements that stretch in every direction, and with the bright shining shop windows and the chattering crowds. This world has a sightless malicious face, which is the face of the crowd. The face of the crowd is not immediately to be seen, it only becomes apparent after a while, when it shows itself in wondering side-long looks and sharp glances.” – Maeve Brennan, The Visitor

Hokkaido uni at the new Omakase

Hokkaido uni at the new Omakase

As I ready to return from two weeks researching restaurants, bars & drink across Texas in three cities (Dallas, Austin, Houston) and in Hill Country, I cherish the wonderful people I’ve met and fantastic tastes all across the state… just as I long for the vibrant weather (instead of the relentless 100-105 Fahrenheit degree weather across the state of TX), dear friends and blue shores of home.

This issue:

Dirty Water's fluke (see Top Tastes)

Dirty Water’s fluke (see Top Tastes)

Top TastesTop 10 Dishes of the Month: Omakase sushi menus to transport you to Japan, Filipino and Scandinavian food, and more.
Wandering Traveler24 Hours in LA: Seafood delights in Manhattan Beach & cocktail-ing in West Hollywood.
Wandering TravelerCheap Eats & Sushi Treasures in OC: 6 food gems in North OC.

As your personal concierge who tells it like a good friend would, I also create personalized itineraries: trips, meals, explorations (under “Services“).


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