December 15, 2015

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ? Rumi

The Up & Up in NYC

The Up & Up in NYC

And now 2015 draws to a close… here’s wishing you a beautiful Christmas and new year. Thank you sincerely for reading and sharing in my edible and drinkable discoveries each month.

I’ll be back the first week of 2016 with all my best of the year articles (local and international) for Zagat to Food Republic — and my first best openings the year article at Table8. In the meantime, here’s my latest on NYC for Food Republic and the 10 Most Important Bay Area Openings of 2015 I wrote for Zagat.

This issue:

The Keystone's soy calamansi ribs (see Top Tastes)

The Keystone’s soy calamansi ribs (see Top Tastes)

Top TastesTop 10 Dishes & New Openings of December: Whether herring interpretations that journey across Scandinavia or mom’s coconut mochi, here are 10 standout dishes on menus now.

ImbiberTop 10 Cocktails of the Month: From a hot toddy influenced by Thai soup to pork fat-infused mezcal and Cynar, here’s the top drinks on SF menus now.
Wandering TravelerWhere to Drink in NYC: 10 bar greats & best openings of 2015.

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