A Disneyland-Esque Vibe (with Rum & Whiskey) at the Only Distillery Ride in the World: Lost Spirits Distillery

Published at Liquor.com on January 24, 2018, my article on the one-of-a-kind Lost Spirits Distillery and my interview with distiller/founder Bryan Davis after their move from the Santa Cruz area to DTLA (downtown Los Angeles).

Is the Distillery Tour at Lost Spirits the Wackiest in the World?

After standing in the dark, the magical world unveiled at Lost Spirits

Our boat, floating down the waterways

Bryan Davis pours us rum to carry with us

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Davis built his own custom dragon stills

Bryan Davis

Davis’ futuristic-looking reactor

Our Island of Dr. Moreau-inspired tasting tent

The tour ends in the “gift shop” with one unforgettable singing/talking toy bird chorus