10 Iconic SF Bars

In my latest Time Out column, merely 10 — in a town where I could easily name a top 100 bars — of our city’s essential, iconic bars from dives to legends, beer to cocktail bars (article here).

ABV, Benjamin Cooper, Club Deluxe, 15 Romolo, Fat Angel, Monk’s Kettle, Smuggler’s Cove, Tommy’s, True Laurel, Zam Zam

At Benjamin Cooper, Lonesome Crowded West is a balanced, creamy flip with mezcal, strawberry brandy, genepy, dry vermouth, chocolate, cardamom & whole egg

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Bucket Micheladas at ABV

Monk’s Kettle

True Laurel’s A-Dilla: caraway-forward house aquavit (anise, dill, caraway steeped in base spirit), makrut leaves, passionfruit, pomegranate, coconut