10 Iconic SF Bars

In my latest Time Out column, merely 10 — in a town where I could easily name a top 100 bars — of our city’s essential, iconic bars from dives to legends, beer to cocktail bars (article here):


ABV, Benjamin Cooper, Club Deluxe, 15 Romolo, Fat Angel, Monk’s Kettle, Smuggler’s Cove, Tommy’s, True Laurel, Zam Zam

At Benjamin Cooper, Lonesome Crowded West is a balanced, creamy flip with mezcal, strawberry brandy, genepy, dry vermouth, chocolate, cardamom & whole egg
Bucket Micheladas at ABV
Monk’s Kettle
True Laurel’s A-Dilla: caraway-forward house aquavit (anise, dill, caraway steeped in base spirit), makrut leaves, passionfruit, pomegranate, coconut