December 1, 2018

“Ralph Waldo Emerson once asked what we would do if the stars only came out once every thousand years. No one would sleep that night, of course. The world would become religious overnight. We would be ecstatic, delirious, made rapturous by the glory of God. Instead the stars come out every night, and we watch television.” — Paul Hawken’s commencement speech


Back from Thailand just in time for Thanksgiving and visiting family, the blessed rain cleared our brutal, smoke-filled air the day before Thanksgiving, though too late to restore the over 10,000 homes lost north of me in my most beautiful state.

My heart remains with all who lost everything, even as I celebrate the fresh air and pristine winter blue skies and rains we are graced with now, our typical winter… a stark reminder not to take even fresh air for granted.

From Dickens Fair to an upcoming dinner in the fantastic holiday , where I’ll be headed this month, I’m immersed in the holidays and cherishing being home for a bit.


SRO at Odd Job

This issue:
Featured NeighborhoodThe Ever-Shifting Future and Flavor of San Francisco’s Chinatown: My first feature for KCET Los Angeles, including my interview with chef Brandon Jew of Michelin-starred Mister Jiu’s.
Imbiber10 Best Hidden Bars in SF
Top Tastes10 Top Pie Shops in SF & Oakland


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