December 1, 2020

“There is no such thing as a half wave, or a particle all by itself without any space around it. There is no on without off, no up without down… Light, too, is not pure light, but light/darkness.” — The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are (1966)
by Alan W. Watts

Dear friends ~

Hard to believe this insane year is nearing an end… Trusting more miracles and hope lie around the bend.

I’m honored to join 30 Chefs —including Dominique Crenn, Marcus Samuelsson, Chris Cosentino, Laurent Manrique, Andrew Zimmern, Sammy Hagar, Martin Yan, Tanya Holland, Roland Passot, Emily Luchetti, Jim Modesitt, Jacques Pépin — supporting our brave firefighters and first responders fighting the worst fires in the history of the West of America.Announcing ChefsGiving! In my SF home, I make my jam (gin or aquavit) cocktail for the ChefsGiving 2020 Holiday Video Cookbook: (you can scroll down under cocktails and donate to get my video recipe or for $25 and up donations, get the entire video cookbook). Donations go to Gary Sinise Foundation & Tiny Pine Foundation.

I continue leading/moderating or being interviewed on virtual industry panels, webinars and tastings — plus daily outdoor dining, takeout or delivery research, which I am posting about @ThePerfectSpot on TwitterFacebook and Instagram — including Golden Gate Restaurant Association (GGRA) “Restaurants Rising” series where I interview chefs, restaurant owners, sommeliers, bar managers, food media and activists in food. Series viewable here.

The Restaurant Stabilization Act remains stalled in the White House, despite passing the House vote early October. Please help save our nation’s biggest private sector employer and cultural heritage in all our great cities: independent restaurants. Contact your local reps here, as we have already lost thousands of our greats and will lose thousands more small businesses each week this stalls. Thank you for raising your voice!


Akna Hayes Valley cochinita pibil tacos

The Latest — November’s 10 SF Bay Area Restaurants for Outdoor Dining, Takeout or Delivery: Notable new restaurants for New American food, cocktails, seafood, barbecue, modern Indian, Yucatecan Mexican and Jewish deli fare, plus notable greats in sushi, Italian and New American cuisine and local gems for gelato and Middle Eastern groceries.
Wandering TravelerGin Magazine’s Pandemic Pivots Around the Globe: I talk with 10 notable bars around the globe on how they are surviving pandemic in Paris, San Francisco, Copenhagen, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Singapore, Bangkok, Amsterdam.
Imbiber — Distiller Bottle Column: This month I review the likes of rum, mezcal, American single malt, applejack, gin, Scotch, organic vodka, and more.

As your personal concierge who tells it like a good friend would, I create personalized itineraries; provide food and drink consulting for restaurants and bars; and classes at companies for the layperson wanting to dig deeper in food and drink (more info at