Purity On the Plate & In the Glass: The New Bar Agricole

Tomato salad

Published September 16, 2022, in my The Bold Italic column:

Those of us who have been in dining, cocktails and spirits a long while know the importance of Bar Agricole since it opened in San Francisco’s SoMa district in 2011. Not only was it nominated every year since 2012 for James Beard Outstanding Bar Program in the nation — finally winning in 2019, but founder and bar vet Thad Vogler (who helped open pioneering bars like Bourbon and Branch) wrote an intriguing and definitive book on farmhouse-distilled and naturally sourced spirits, By the Smoke and the Smell: My Search for the Rare and Sublime on the Spirits Trail

Article here: https://medium.com/@virginiamiller_29308/purity-on-the-plate-the-glass-the-new-bar-agricole-f3bea74db8a0

Bar Agricole’s rye chocolate tart with “100% Islay Single Cask Scotch, Cherry Brandy, Curaçao & Aromatic Bitters” cocktail
Bar Agricole’s black cod
Bar Agricole’s Fruit Cup
Bar Agricole’s flatbread & dips/spreads

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