Is the $100 pho worth it at Sunset’s new Gao Viet Kitchen?

We’re not sure — but it‘s an effective marketing campaign, and the other food we sampled was top drawer.

Published July 6, 2023, in my Medium column:

Since 2018, Gao Viet Kitchen & Bar has been a San Mateo Vietnamese favorite with long waitlists, no reservations and a 90-minute table limit during peak times. It’s also home to arguably the most expensive bowl of pho: $100 Phozilla with the cheeky menu tagline of “Nobody should spend this much $$ on any bowl of pho.” Chef Viet Nguyen opened a San Francisco location in the Sunset District in December 2022, and I went in to see if their extensive menu was legit beyond the social media-worthy, $100 pho.


Gao Viet Kitchen’s bo tai chanh (beef carpaccio)
Gao Viet Kitchen’s shaking beef